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Delta Children – Bassinet Review

As we prepare for our first baby, we have been looking for products that are affordable, safe, and great quality. Delta Children has been a brand that we fell in love with from the beginning, and that is why we chose to get our bassinet from them!

Delta Children & Safety

Delta Children prides itself on it’s safety features. All of their products are non toxic, and free from heavy metals, and lead. They have worldwide testing centers, and even x-ray the paint that the use to ensure that it is truly safe for children.

Bassinet Features

The wave bassinet has a variety of features that you can use to help your baby sleep. The bassinet has the ability to vibrate to help calm your baby. In addition, it has a night light and soothing sounds.

The Delta Children Wave bassinet also has a storage container at the bottom. This is a great place to store essential items you may need during the night!

The bassinet has four lockable wheels, making it easy to move around the house. The lock feature is reassuring, so we know that once we settle on a place, baby will be secure and safe there.

The last great feature is the toy bar. It can be removed if it is keeping the baby awake. I like the toy bar as it adds some entertainment for when the baby wakes up.

Bassinet Price

This amazing bassinet is sold for $89.99. It can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby. 

This price point is extremely affordable. Bassinets are not used for too long, and to spend hundreds of dollars on a temporary item just doesn’t fit in my budget. I appreciate that this bassinet has all of the features of some of the higher-priced ones. However, this one is budget-friendly!

Our baby girl isn’t here yet, but once she is I will update this post with an in depth review of how we like using it!


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