Refinishing Furniture with Dixie Belle

One of the best DIY projects is refinishing a piece of furniture you find for free. Nothing beats turning someone’s trash into a treasure. For this project, I got a dresser from my neighbor’s trash pile, and used Dixie Belle paint to give it a new look.

I found Dixie Belle paint through other DIY bloggers. Honestly, I can say that I am now a loyal customer of Dixie Belle. I found the paint to go on incredibly smoothly, and evenly. Dixie Belle has a lot to offer in addition to paint- sealing agents, brushes, furniture cleaner, and more!

Step 1: Cleaning Your Piece

The first step to refinishing furniture is to clean your piece. This is especially important if you thrifted it, or found it out by the road. You just don’t know how dirty it can be. I used just a damp cloth for this project, but Dixie Belle has a product that I am looking forward to trying called White Lightning. This product is similar to TSP. You simply mix it with hot water, wipe down the furniture, wipe it down again with a clean damp cloth (no product), and then dry it. You will be amazed at how great it looks after a thorough cleaning.


Step 2: Sanding your Furniture & Fill Any Holes

Next, you will need to sand your furniture. This is a great time to also fill in any holes that it may have. To fill these holes I used Wood Putty, however you also could use the Dixie Belle Mud. Once you do this, you can use a palm sander to sand down the furniture. I usually sand it all the way down to the natural wood, but I learned that with Dixie Belle Mineral Paint you don’t have to sand it entirely. You can do a quick sand to scuff up the surface. This saves hours on a refinishing project!

Step 3: Painting with Dixie Belle Paint

I used Dixie Belle’s mineral paint in the color Hampton Olive. For this project, I used a mini roller to ensu

re that my coats went on smoothly and without strokes. The Dixie Belle paint goes on great! I only needed two coats on this dresser. Make sure to let the first coat dry before applying the second one.

Step 4: Sealing with Dixie Belle Big Mama’s Butta

Now Dixie Belle offers a lot of products for protecting your project. I chose to use the Big Mama’s Butta as it hydrates the wood and gives it a beautiful finish. This product can come scented, but I chose to get the unscented one. Big Mama’s Butta can be used inside drawers, or inside cabinets to hydrate the wood and make give it that refreshed look that new pieces have!

Step 5: Add the Details!

I chose to use peel-and-stick wall paper for the sides of the drawers. I loved the geometric pattern of this particular one. To apply, take the drawers out of the dresser and cut the wallpaper to size. You can use a razor blade to cut off any excess material.

For this project, I picked the hardware off of Amazon. The gold color compliments the Hampton Olive color beautifully.

And You’re Finished!

Your project is now completed! I chose to sell my dresser on Facebook Marketplace. I made a profit of around $75 on it. It was a learning experience for me, and just something I truly love doing. I hope to refinish more in the future.


Overall I loved using the Dixie Belle paint products. I have since added some other colors and items to my collection. I can’t wait to complete another project with them. Have you tried DIxie Belle paint? What is your next project?



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