Stryde Bike: Is it Worth the Investment?

Like many others, I found myself really struggling with weight gain during the pandemic. After my wedding, the motivation to work out every day really just faded away. I had gained back most of the weight I had lost over the past couple of years. I was disappointed in myself, and frustrated that at the very least I couldn’t bring myself to work out. Once school got back to normal, I decided I wanted to get back into the routine of working out 4-5 times a week. However, the at home workouts just weren’t motivating me like the used to. I decided it was time to invest in something that would motivate me. I did some research, and I decided to get a spin bike. After a lot of research, I settled on the Stryde bike.

I have had my bike for two full months now and I can easily tell you it was the best decision I have ever made. I wanted to share the reasons why I feel that this bike is totally worth the investment.


The Stryde bike is a bit cheaper than some of it’s major competitors. Stryde bikes are typically about $150 cheaper than Peloton without a discount. However Stryde is frequently offering additional discounts. Right now you can get an additional $150 off, making the bike a much more affordable option. On top of that if you contact me, I can get you a code for another $100 off of that. Being a teacher, this price point made the Stryde bike much more appealing.

Not only is the bike more affordable, the monthly membership is cheaper too. The membership for Stryde is $29.99, while Peloton is $39 a month. That ten dollars really adds up over time! 


The tablet is 21.5 inches and is touch screen. The screen is comparable to other bikes, but what is different is that the tablet allows you to use additional apps. You aren’t locked into only using the Stryde app and membership. Let’s say you’re binge watching Downton Abbey- you can pull up Netflix and free ride while watching your show! You also could explore other bike membership apps, such as Peloton, and use those too. 

Stryde Tablet

The Stryde Classes & App

I have to say that I haven’t tried other spin bike apps. However, I am in love with the classes that Stryde offers. Stryde has partnered with small boutique spin classes throughout the country. They add 30+ new rides every month! The rides vary in length and ability. Many include weights, but the instructors give you the option to skip the weights. I have found the classes to be incredibly engaging and motivating. The rides vary in music and style. Do you enjoy choreography? They have that! Do you prefer interval classes? They have that! Want a ride that focuses mostly on hill training? They have it! 

Stryde is starting to add in more off the bike workouts to focus on strength training in addition to cardio. I often opt for the 10 minute arm workout when I chose a ride that doesn’t have weights included! The classes are easy to find, and you can filter them by length, instructor, studio, weights, and even by music type.

In addition to the classes, the app also has a spot where you can see all of the rides you have done. You can click through and check your metrics for a ride, and even earn lifetime achievements as you ride more and more.

Stryde Membership Profile
Here is what the overview looks like! It tracks your rides, and lifetime achievements. There is even a leaderboard.

The Stryde Community

One thing I was not expecting with a home workout program, was a community. However, Stryde works hard to build a supportive and motivating community through social media. Stryde has a Facebook group where riders are often sharing their favorite rides, requesting advice, or cheering each other on. Last month a woman was celebrating her birthday and everyone rode a ride of her choice to celebrate. The connection built with other riders is similar to the community you would build at a physical spin studio!

Even more incredible is that the instructors are part of this community. They answer questions in the group, and ask our opinion on future rides. They listen to what we want in our workouts and do their very best to incorporate it. I have messaged with quite a few instructors for various reasons and the thoughtful replies were so unexpected. I can tell that these instructors have a true passion for their work in the app, and they want us to be successful. They are truly the best cheer leaders!

Customer Service

I haven’t ever had a problem with my bike or membership. However, I have seen others post in the group with questions and they get a response from Stryde very quickly. If something is wrong with the bike or program, Stryde works hard to fix it and to fix it quickly.

Stryde Bike


Overall, I think Stryde is 100% worth the investment. I have absolutely loved trying new classes, and meeting new people. It has motivated me in a way that I have never been motivated before. If you are considering an at home spin bike, I urge you to consider Stryde. It is truly an investment in yourself: your physical health, and your mental health.

As a Stryde ambassador, I do have a special discount code for you to use! It would get you $100 off your bike. Please message me to get it. I will make a commission if you use the link. 


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