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7 of my Favorite Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Before I even purchased this home, I had been searching up Sherwin Williams Paint colors. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what colors I wanted when I moved into my home. For this post, I have rounded up 7 of my favorite colors!

Most of these colors are in my home currently, and one is the color my mom chose for her house! I highly recommend that you try these colors in your home, as they can pull different hues depending on the lighting in your home.

Agreeable Grey

This is the color I chose for the main living spaces in our home. Our kitchen, living room, and hallway are all this color. I find that with all of our natural light, this color really is more of a “greige” (grey-beige) than a true grey. However, it is exactly what I was going for! This neutral color allows me to decorate seasonally in these spaces without clashing against the walls.


In some homes, Agreeable Grey can pull brown. I think the key to using this color is to have a lot of natural light streaming in!

Sherwin Williams – Agreeable Grey – No Filter


Sherwin Williams Argos

I love this color grey! I chose to put it in my mudroom. This room is the only room in our house with a high ceiling. I feel that this is a true grey and it contrasts the grey in my kitchen nicely. A darker color in the mudroom is great, as this room tends to get the dirtiest! With shoes constantly getting kicked off, and dogs shaking when they come in from the rain I needed a durable darker paint to hide the dirt. Argos can do just that!


Sherwin Williams – Argos – No Filter

Hinting Blue

Sherwin Williams – Hinting Blue

I know, I know – blue for a bathroom, how boring! Our bathroom is incredibly small, and with the current layout having an accent wall just won’t work. I needed to have a light wall color to give the illusion of space. However, having so much grey in the house, I knew I had to go with a color. Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue was a perfect fit for me. It provides some color without being too bold, while also making the bathroom appear much larger. I did choose to contrast this light color with my vanity, which I painted. You can check out the bathroom refresh post I made by clicking here! 

Sherwin Williams – Hinting Blue _ No Filter (Bathroom lighting in not the best!)

Sea Salt


Sherwin Williams – Sea Salt

This color is probably my absolute favorite. It can pull green, grey, or even a light blue depending on your decor and lighting. It is kind of a miracle color in my opinion – and can work in any space. I chose to use this color in our bedroom. I absolutely adore it. It creates such a calm, light, and airy bedroom. I’ve seen this color used in bathrooms, basements, bedrooms, and office spaces. Although it has a slight color to it, it really stays more neutral and picks up the hue of surrounding colors. Because this color can pull differently, I do suggest painting a sample of it in the space before using it. However, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this color!



Sherwin Williams – Sea Salt – No Filter

Nebulous White

Sherwin Williams – Nebulous White

I found this color when I was looking for a color to go with the Peppercorn accent wall in my spare bedroom. I wanted something neutral and bright to contrast the darkness of the peppercorn wall. One thing to note is that this color does pull blue. I was a bit disappointed with this, as I wanted a true white, but I am not repainting the room. This color makes a great bedroom color, or even a bathroom color!

I don’t currently have a photo of this color in a styled space, as the room is still a work in progress. I do suggest that you try it out before purchasing!


Repose Grey

Sherwin Williams – Repose Grey

Another color I love is Repose Grey. It is very similar to the Agreeable Grey that I chose for my living spaces. However, it is more of a true grey. It doesn’t pull beige or brown at all. This is the grey that my mother chose for her living room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway! I think of all the colors listed here, Repose is the most true to its online swatch. It is such a beautiful color, and really can make your home feel fresh and new. When my mom got her house painted, this color really opened it up and made it seem a lot bigger! Below is a picture of her living room with the repose grey!


Sherwin Williams – Repose Grey – No Filter


Sherwin Williams – Peppercorn

I am obsessed with this color. Peppercorn is the color I chose for my bathroom vanity, my front door, and now the accent wall in our spare bedroom. It makes a great contrasting color to all of the light colors I have shared in this post. I would not suggest this color for an entire room, as it is very dark. Peppercorn is best used in a space in need of contrast. I have seen this color used by other home decor bloggers on interior doors too! I love the idea of having a colorful pantry door. This may be a future project for me!

Sherwin Williams – Peppercorn – No Filter

Sherwin Williams has a lot of beautiful colors, and there are definitely a bunch more that I haven’t listed here.

Do you have any of these colors in your home? Do you have a color recommendation for me to check out? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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  1. Nice color selection, I especially like Peppercorn for the kitchen or bathroom drawers!

    1. I love Peppercorn! It is definitely a favorite!

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