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How to Affordably Refresh Your Bathroom

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When Joe and I first moved into our home, we wanted to update everything. Of course, this adds up quickly and we needed to prioritize. Having only one bathroom, it didn’t make sense to completely remodel it right away. If we did, we would have had no where to shower while we were remodeling! So, it was obvious I had to find some affordable ways to refresh our bathroom without completely ripping it apart. I have compiled some of the cheapest ways to refresh your bathroom, and will share them below!

This was the bathroom in our ranch style home when we moved in. It definitely needed a refresh, but being the only bathroom in our home we couldn’t rip it out.

Fresh Paint

Painting a space is the easiest way to change it up! Of course, this takes time and patience- especially in a bathroom! Masking around the trim, shower, and vanity took a really long time. However, it was definitely worth it. The paint that I typically use for my home is Sherwin Williams. They have some of my favorite paint colors, and the paint goes on really well. When you order online, you can typically find a coupon too! Sherwin Williams has the option to make an account, and save all of your paint colors and projects. This is great for people like me, who often forget which paints they used!

To refresh my bathroom, I chose to use the color Hinting Blue. Blue is a popular color for bathrooms because it is light, and many bathrooms are small. Sometimes painting a bathroom with a dark color can make the space seem smaller. However, dark colors are definitely trending right now. I suggest looking up bathrooms on Pinterest or Instagram to decide which style you like, and go from there!

This is my room after we painted it with the Hinting Blue. It brightened the space, and definitely gave it a fresh look. You can also peek our new tiles in this photo as well!

Affordable Floor Refresh

Another way to refresh your bathroom is by changing the floors. There are a couple of ways to do this affordably. You could paint the current tile, and use a stencil to create a design. I haven’t personally done this, but I think it is a fabulous idea! You could also purchase stick on tile from your local hardware store. This is the option we chose. Of course it isn’t a permanent solution, but it is a very affordable way to change up the space. You can shop these three tiles by clicking each one!

This is the floor underneath our new stick on tile. It was clearly damaged from something, and it would have been expensive to rip up up and put new tile down. We opted to place stick on tile as a temporary solution.

Refresh Bathroom Vanity

Another way to change up a bathroom, is to update the vanity you already have! This can easily be done by painting it, and adding some new hardware. I chose to contrast all of the light colors in my bathroom when I chose my vanity color. I went with Sherwin Williams Peppercorn. This is a color I have in other parts of my home too! After the paint was done, I chose some new hardware. I went with the brushed nickel to match the faucet. Hardware can be found at a local store, or even on Amazon! You can shop Home Depot’s selections by clicking here!


This is how our vanity looked after I painted it, and added some new pulls!

Refresh the Bathroom Decor

The last way to refresh a bathroom on a budget is to get some new decor. Changing out a new shower curtain can make a big differences in the space. I went with a white shower curtain (a risk with a construction worker for a husband), but it really helps make the space seem bigger and brighter. You can shop some of my favorite affordable shower curtains by clicking here!

Shelves above the toilet can add some storage, or provide some decoration. I opted to use my shelving for decoration, rather than storage. This shelf is from Decor Steals. I highly suggest checking out their website for unique affordable items!

Adding some greenery to the space will freshen it up too! I have been adding greenery to just about every room. I find that Target has some great faux greenery for great prices!

Click the picture to shop! If you want to see more Easter decor, click here! 


That’s It!

Refreshing a bathroom can seem daunting, but when you stick to the basics, it is definitely an easy feat! We love how our bathroom came out, and although it isn’t permanent, it is perfect for now! Refreshing our bathroom allowed us to focus on some higher-need projects. Once we build a second bathroom, we could always come back to this space and remodel it.

What do you think? Will you be refreshing your bathroom anytime soon? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!



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  1. […] I know, I know – blue for a bathroom, how boring! Our bathroom is incredibly small, and with the current layout having an accent wall just won’t work. I needed to have a light wall color to give the illusion of space. However, having so much grey in the house, I knew I had to go with a color. Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue was a perfect fit for me. It provides some color without being too bold, while also making the bathroom appear much larger. I did choose to contrast this light color with my vanity, which I painted. You can check out the bathroom refresh post I made by clicking here!  […]

  2. Awesome makeover. The remodel definitely made your bathroom look and feel entirely different. I love how you pointed out floor tile replacement as one of the major factor of remodeling/refreshing a bathroom. Great job!

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