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It is currently raining, there is snow on the ground, and the weather tomorrow is going to be about 5 degrees, but I am thinking SPRING! Maybe if I put out the spring decor, this weather will take the hint! Over the weekend I put out my Easter Decor and I couldn’t be happier. The pastel colors and adorable bunnies put me in such a great mood! I did purchase some new spring decor, but I also used items from years past. Easter decorations have always been difficult for me. The bunnies are either cute, or creepy, and the pastel colors can become a bit overwhelming with such a neutral home. I searched all weekend for some great Easter decor pieces for you, and I will be sure to link them for you! 

How to Style Your Easter Decor – Shelves 

Shelf styling can be tricky! It is easy to put too many items and have a cluttered result, but it is also easy to have the shelves looking bare. One technique that I am loving lately is to layer flat items of different heights. (Think signs, faux windows, etc.) This gives the shelf depth and dimension without it appearing cluttered. When incorporating Easter, mix in a few items with what you already had out! 

I bought the faux window at Hobby Lobby, but I found an identical one at Walmart. Click the picture or here to shop!
The bunnies on the bottom shelf were another Hobby Lobby find. You can find a similar item at Walmart. Click here!

Adding greenery to shelves can really brighten up the space as well. Here I used lavender stems from Studio McGee’s spring line at Target!  A really easy way to change decor through the seasons is to simply change your greenery! Greenery with white. yellow, or purple flowers can be beautiful for the spring and summer. In winter I typically use just green, and maybe some red during the holiday season. Lavender has always been a favorite of mine, so I am excited to put it out this spring! 


How to Style Easter Decor – Kitchen 

The kitchen is most likely the central part of your home. It is the space used the most often, by the most people. This means that when decorating, it is important to keep the space functional and not cluttered. Adding a few small touches like a hand towel, a bunny here or there, or a tiered tray can help add Easter to your kitchen, without making it cluttered! 

shop Easter hand towels

A hand towel is a great way to add some seasonal decor to your kitchen. Here I used a neutral one that I found at Hobby Lobby. I am linking some Easter hand towels here for you! 

Easter tiered tray styling

Tiered trays are really in right now. I think it is because they are a great way to add decor to a kitchen without making it seem cluttered. All of the decor is in one contained space! You can find great items for a tiered tray at Hobby Lobby, Target, Home Goods, and even the Dollar Tree! Adding stems to a tiered tray is a great way to give it some color, and dimension. (They also help to prop up items a bit higher so they can be seen!) 

Consider adding some Easter decor to your window sill. This way the decor is out of the way and won’t get knocked over by the chef in your kitchen! 

Finally, add something small to your table’s centerpiece. Adding just one touch of Easter to an already styled tray can easily transform it. (It also makes it easy to clean up when Easter is over!) I am thinking of changing out the stems here soon. I want something brighter for spring time! 

How To Style Other Spaces

Every home is unique and has spaces that can be trickier to style. For those spaces, I suggest the “less is more” approach. Start by adding just a few items, and then build from there. In my home, I have an egg chair in my mudroom that I love to style for holidays, but it can be tricky. I want the space to be functional. I also have an entryway table that I love and don’t want to change up too much. 

buy egg chair

An easy way to create a cozy styled space is by adding pillows and blankets. Easter pillows can be found just about anywhere right now! Pillows add a nice pop of color, and Easter flare to a typically neutral design! For this space I kept a white blanket, and let the pillows be the pop of color. However, a blanket with some spring colors would be an easy way to change the space too! A garland also adds a nice Easter touch without impacting the functionality of this space. You can shop this space by clicking here! 

entryway easter decor

For an entry way table, switching out one or two items for Easter decor is enough to change the space. Entryway tables easily get cluttered and messy, so by replacing items you are ensuring that it won’t get too cluttered. Changing out stems is another easy way to brighten the space up for spring! I have yet to find stems I love, so I haven’t changed mine yet! 

Decorating for Easter is very different than decorating for other holidays. Christmas & Halloween usually take over my entire home! With Easter, I find it is better to sprinkle touches throughout the home to brighten the space! A lot of Easter decor can stay out past the Easter holiday if you style it with other spring touches.


Hoppy decorating, friends! 




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