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A new year has started and that always puts me in the mood to organize! We moved into our home in May, right before our July wedding and during a pandemic. We jumped right into painting, and renovating. Organization took a back seat! Now that we are a bit more settled, I felt it was time to organize my kitchen a bit! I found a few products that really helped me to keep my cabinets organized, clean, and functional! 

Spice Organization 

I don’t know if you know this, but I am on the short side! We keep our spices in an upper cabinet next to the microwave. I am always struggling to reach and find the spices that I need. I often have to take every single spice jar out of the cabinet to find just the one or two that I am looking for.

Our spice cabinet before. 


Side note: You really need to try out the Hippy Pilgrim Salts! I got these from my mother in law for Christmas and they are absolutely delicious! A little goes a long way, so the jars last a long time! We love the salts on veggies and on meat as well! They work well for almost everything! Click here to check them out! 

I had seen online people buying jars for their spices. I love the uniform look this creates, and so I purchased them from Amazon. It was a great price and I love the jars I got. However, the new jars didn’t really solve my problem of not being able to access all of my spices easily. I still had some way in the back that I could never find, and so I decided to order a spice rack. After a search on Amazon, I found one that actually slides out of the cabinet. This helped me to reach the majority of my spices all at the same time! 

This is the new spice rack!


I put the smaller spices & seasonings on the middle shelf all facing outwards. This way I am not searching everywhere for them. We have some gigantic spices, so I put those on the top. Behind those I put the extra spices that I had, and will use those to refill my new bottles as needed. 

This product has made finding my spices much easier, and made cooking a lot more fun. 

Pantry Organization 

Our pantry was, to put it honestly, a disaster! We needed some serious help here! Before we redid our kitchen, our pantry cabinet had roll outs. I really loved those, but we just couldn’t afford to put them in our new cabinets. With the shelves, it became increasingly difficult to find things. Cans were often being pushed to the back, bags of salt or sugar were being left open and spilling. It was just a mess. I knew it wasn’t working and something had to change! 

Our pantry before.

The first thing I decided to purchase were some containers. I chose this pack because it came with eight containers in two different sizes. The pack I chose is currently unavailable, but I will link a similar product below. It is amazing what a difference these containers made. Not only does it look better, it makes finding things a lot easier. I am able to move these around without the fear of spilling them or knocking them over. They are great! 

I also purchased a rack for my cans. I felt that they were always getting buried in the pantry, and I would often buy more because I could never find the cans I already had. Now, I can easily find my canned products, and also easily assess what I am out of. I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these already! 

There are still some more items I would like to purchase to organize my kitchen even further, but these are my four favorite items I have found thus far! Let me know if you have any of these, or any other organization tips for me in the comments below!

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