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I don’t know about you, but taking down the Christmas decorations always puts me in a sad state of mind! That’s why this year I decided to keep up some winter decor! I just love the cozy vibe the winter decor creates, and I wanted to keep it for a bit longer. I think I will keep my winter touches up through the end of February. In March, I will move on to Spring. Read below to see what decor items I left up for winter!


1. Greenery

Changing greenery out is a very simple way to decorate for any season! I chose to leave out my garland, and flocked trees. I removed any greenery that had red in it, and stuck with just the green and white. I got this garland from Walmart, and the little trees are from Target.


Here is a close look at the winter decor on my mantle. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of these trees from Target. I thought they were kind of small and awkward. However, when I placed them against a wall and moved all the branches to the front of the tree they looked much fuller! Now I am a huge fan of these trees!

I added another tree to one of my floating shelves!

2. Lights

It is a given that we use lights in our holiday decorations. I think the lights are the most magical and cozy part of the Christmas season! I decided to leave some lights out for winter. I think that the white lights can be neutral and not just for holidays. I left out my light up garland on the fireplace. I also added two lanterns to my fireplace to create more warmth in the room! I also changed out the blanket that was hanging out of the basket. I had a red blanket out for Christmas, but felt a neutral color would be best for the winter time!


3. Neutral Coffee Table Decor

My living room is now extremely wintery with all of the touches I mentioned above. Adding more winter touches to my coffee table would have been too much. I think winter decorations should be more subtle than holiday ones. That is why I didn’t add any winter decorations to my coffee table tray. I went extremely neutral. I love the tones and colors of this tray and when the lights are on behind it, it really is beautiful! The greenery in this vase has some sparkle in it, which I think does give off a slight winter feel (although I do tend to use it throughout the year)!

You can click on this picture to shop these items!


I am so happy that I chose to keep my winter decor up a little bit longer. With the stress and frustration of 2020, it feels nice to start 2021 with some extra magic and warmth! Let me know in the comments if you plan to decorate for winter!


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