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How to Style a Tray

I feel that over the past year or two, I am seeing an increase in the use of trays for home decorating! Trays are being used on coffee tables, kitchen tables, benches, beds, and ottomans! I purchased a beautiful wooden tray a couple of years ago, but simply didn’t know how to style it right!

I had small flat objects, and I had them simply placed on the tray kind of haphazardly. After scrolling through some of my favorite decor accounts, I realized there are some good tricks to styling a tray! I have outlined them below. I also have linked some of my favorite trays, and items that can be used with any tray you like!

Tips to Style a Tray

1. Pick items that vary in height. 

By choosing items that are various sizes, you are going to create a dynamic look. When objects are the same height, it can be very static and boring. If you have a lot of smaller items, use something to stack the objects to create height. Old books to create height on trays, making them more interesting to look at.

2. Use a variety of textures. 

When creating a tray, I like to layer items that have different textures. These textures can create warmth and attract the eye to all different parts of the tray. For this Christmas tray, I used the glass textured tree, the wooden beads, and the glittery ornaments to create a textured look!

To get this glass tree click the picture!

3. Try different items.

When I set out to design this tray, I didn’t originally bring over the red and green candles. Instead I had one larger candle that stood pretty tall. I was trying to keep it on the tray but after a few different configurations, had to abandon the idea. The candle with the tree just didn’t work. It is okay to switch out some items as you go! You may find a combination that is gorgeous with items that you don’t love individually!

4. Look at your tray from all angles. 

A tray in the middle of a coffee table will be seen from every side. It is important to take a walk around the tray and make sure the tray is interesting from every angle. Don’t be afraid to move some items around to make sure that the textures are spread across the tray.

Below is a picture of. a styled tray that I have in my kitchen. For this tray I didn’t include as many items, as it is a tray I move when we eat! The vase is gorgeous but it is just a bit tall for during dinner. To shop this tray click the picture!

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