DIY Table Refresh!

One of my best friends recently moved into a new townhouse. She doesn’t have a whole lot of furniture, and filling a whole home at once can get expensive! Right? She spotted this table on the side of the road and asked me to refinish it for her. I figured I’d share the journey of this DIY table with you!

When we picked up the table, we picked up the matching chairs. After I started sanding the chairs, it became apparent to me that the chairs were not in the best shape. I decided it wasn’t worth the time and energy to refinish chairs that may not last long anyways!




DIY Table – The Process

I underestimated the amount of time that this project would take! Sanding off the green-black paint was quite the process. If I were to do this again, I would definitely purchase paint stripper. I think it would have made a huge difference in the time that it took.

I began by sanding everything with my sanding tool. I did the stained piece with 220 grit, but when it came time for the green the 220 wasn’t going to cut it. My husband was running out, and grabbed some 80 grit sandpaper. The paint came off way quicker! After I used the electric sander, I went back in with a piece of sandpaper to get some of the trickier spaces.

What a difference the sanding makes!


After the sanding, I painted the table with some white paint. I always use whatever paint I have around the house. I don’t typically go out and buy special furniture paint. For this project, I used Sherwin Williams paint in Windsor White, which is the same color as our cabinets! This particular shade of white is no longer available. However, Sherwin Williams has a ton of beautiful white colors that you could use!

The table took about 3 coats of the white. I used a mini foam roller and a brush to get into all of the small spaces.

DIY Table – Distressing

Finally, I had to distress the table to give it the look my friend was hoping to get! This was my first time distressing a piece of furniture, and I was really nervous. I started with the sandpaper and sanded by hand just some spots on the edges of the table. I didn’t follow any sort of guideline, I just sanded in spaces that I thought would give it the best look!

I did go back and take the 220 sandpaper and distressed the whole edge of the table slightly. This gave the table some texture on the edge, which I think really added to the distressed look without making it look too ratty and old!

I finally finished by sealing the furniture with Miniwax Polycrylic Protective Seal. It is important to use a water-based seal to keep the white from yellowing!

DIY Table – Finished Product


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  1. Perhaps you would like to come to my house and redo my table 🙂 Seriously, I have this fantastic wood table BUT the beach has done its job on it. It absolutely needs a refresh.

    1. I totally wish I could! I love doing these projects1

  2. You’re so talented!! I suck at diy’s!!

    1. Thank you! I wish it were still warm out so I could keep going!! It is hard to do all the sanding and painting inside.

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