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DIY End Tables!

Since we moved into our home in May, I have been on the hunt for some end tables that I love. I don’t have a ton of space, so they needed to be compact, but I wanted them to be beautiful. I was having a really hard time finding something I loved in a price range that worked for me.

When we replaced our kitchen counters we used a butcher block from Home Depot. We had some leftover, and had no clue what to do with it. Then it hit us! We should make some end tables for our living room!

Our living room has a lot of wood touches throughout – our mantle, coffee table, and floors! Butcher block end tables seemed to be a perfect fit!

First we measured out the size we wanted. This is ideal because I was so specific about what I needed. We went with  16in x 16 in. Then Joe cut the wood and sanded down the edges with our palm sander.

As you can see, our butcher block actually has some marks on it. What I love about the butcher block is you can easily sand those rings and scratches away and oil it again! It is so easy to keep them looking fresh! We actually bought a live edge Acacia butcher block from Home Depot. This is butcher block that came pre-treated.


Once Joe cut the wood, he was ready to put on the legs of our table. We purchased our legs right from Amazon! It is important to pre-drill the holes in the tabletop. If you don’t the wood will crack. Click the picture below if you are interested in seeing more detailed information about the table legs.


After the legs were put on we had to oil the butcher block. Oiling the butcher block protects it from liquid

that could otherwise make the table swell up. We use this same oil for our countertops. It gives the wood a great shine too! We purchased the Half & Half Oil from Real Milk Paint. This oil does have a strong citrus odor, so if you’re using it inside I suggest opening a window! 

Building the tables was an easy job, and solved a big problem! It also really saved us some money in the end because we had the butcher block on hand. If you are extremely picky, or looking for a fun project- try building your own end tables! I am just in love with them! Now I have to style them!



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  1. I love these!!! I’ve been looking for some new end tables! I’m just gonna do this!!

  2. SUCH an amazing idea!! When Taylor and I hopefully get a new house soon I need to do this for SURE!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I saw this in person and fell in love with it. I may copy it. Just beautiful

    1. Thank you so much!!

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