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DIY Cement Jack O Lantern Planter

I recently saw an adorable DIY cement jack-o-lantern planter on Instagram. I decided immediately that I had to give it a try! They are just too cute! However, I had the hardest time locating those jack-o-lantern candy buckets that used to be so easy to find. I know they are typically available at Target, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree. I had to order some off Ebay because all of my local stores were sold out!


Once I got my jack-o-lanterns, I needed the cement. For the first go around I used Quickcrete. However, we found that the rocks made our project too bumpy and ruined the design of the jack-o-lantern!

This was what happened when we didn’t remove the rocks.

So, on our second go around we used concrete leveling. This gave us a much smoother finish, but was much more expensive! You could stick with the concrete for a cheaper project, but sift out the chunky rocks! If I were to do this again, I think that is what I would do!

What you need:

  • PAM
  • Jack-O-Lantern buckets
  • Bucket to mix the concrete in
  • Quickcrete or concrete leveling (found at your local Home Depot or Lowes)
  • A mixer
  • Water
  • A red-solo cup or similar container
  • Box cutter/ scissors

Steps to Make A Concrete Jack-O-Lantern

  1. Get some plastic jack-o-lantern buckets and cut off the handle! Make sure to grab the ones that have the indented facial features!
  2. Spray down the inside of the buckets with PAM or another non-stick agent.
  3. Mix the concrete with some water. You want the mixture to be the consistency of a pancake batter!
  4. Pour the mixture into the jack-o-lantern bucket! Fill up to about half-way on the eyes. (When you add the hole for the planter, the concrete will displace and fill to the top!)
  5.  Take your red solo cup, or other container, press it into the middle of the jack-o-lantern. Use rocks to weigh it down.
  6. Wait 24 – 36 hours for the concrete to dry.
  7. Use a box cutter / scissors to cut the jack-o-lantern bucket out from around the cement.
  8. Rip out the red solo cup!
  9. Style your planter with some mums or other fall plant!



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